What we do

The Down to Earth project uses technologies, concepts and ideas developed for applications in space as inspiration for innovation in product development and business development for organizations in different industries. We address different challenges regarding environment and sustainability and create new innovative solutions.

The Down to Earth innovation process has some specific steps to inspire creativity:

Merging of perspectives

In the workshops we combine perspectives regarding long-term sustainability, applicable concepts and technologies from the space sector, and the specific challenges in a given domain.

Back casting

We work backwards from a long-term vision and understanding of what a sustainable future will look like, back to the current reality. In this backward process we pass a number of systemic changes that need to be addressed through new innovations.

Complementing competences

Ideas are generated through brainstorming in teams representing multiple and complementing competences. New ideas are formed by building on each other.

Idea spin-off

The concepts produced through the Down to Earth innovation process are either taken care of and further developed by the clients, or developed by student teams in the Down to Earth outcubator, an international network of  students engaged in the process to generate new sustainable solutions.